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Something about the crisis has made me reconsider the value of my cultural output.

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Cuomo Says Florida Beachgoers Travelling to New York Must First Be Tested for I.Q.

hg0088“Just as we’ve started flattening the curve, a surge in Florida beachgoers is the last thing our state needs,” New York’s governor said.

7:06 P.M.

Nation’s Parents Fear That If Kids Miss Enough School They Will Turn Out Like Betsy DeVos

Parents panicked at the prospect of their school-deprived children becoming as ignorant as the nation’s Education Secretary.

10:47 A.M.

Love Poems for Anxious People

hg0088“Here Comes Someone Whose Name I Should Know,” “Our Weekend Without the Kids,” and more.

April 18, 2020

Dr. Oz Fears That Coronavirus Comments Could Hurt His Credibility as Expert on Magic Beans

“I’ve worked hard to establish myself as the world’s leading authority on the magical weight-loss powers of green-coffee-bean extract,” Oz said.

April 17, 2020

Duck Doctor Dynasty

hg0088A quack is a quack is a quack is a quack.

April 17, 2020
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Is COVID-19 the Apocalypse? Generations React

I suppose you feel entitled to an afterlife? Not O.K., boomer!

Meet the Russian Trolls Meddling in Your Election

hg0088Part of being a good troll is asking unsolvable riddles, like “What does the blind raven wear on Tuesdays?” or “Really? You think he’s electable??”

Movies Remade for Socially Isolated Viewing

“Home Alone,” “It Could Happen to You,” and other titles fit for self-quarantine.

Quarantine Chic: Why Not Try a Victorian Hair Style?

hg0088Instead of attempting to cut your own bangs, how about you bring back a lovely hairdo for your eventual return to society?